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Knit Your Own Karma –
Sci-Fi Channel UK and Nintendo


Sci-Fi Channel UK and Nintendo


A competition to find and then produce a 10 minute 35mm Sci-Fi short-film which was then released in front of a major feature film. The competition was promoted on the Sci-Fi Channel, in UCI Cinemas and via print partners (Empire) along with grass-roots marketing outlets managed by First Film Foundation. In total over 4000 scripts were entered in both years the competition ran Shortlisted scripts were judged by a panel of industry judges which included Ridley Scott & Terry Gilliam.


The film was released with PLANET OF THE APES on 55 screens in UCI Cinemas across the UK. The film was seen by over 1.5 million people. it went on to be screened on Sci-Fi Channels in the UK and Europe and at festivals worldwide.


Executive Producer: Jonathan Rawlinson
Producer: Andrea Cornwell